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The Courtauld Library and the Witt & Conway Libraries are packed to bursting with resources for you during your time at the Courtauld and. During your induction week you will become familiar with the space and the system, as well as the staff. After a few weeks it will become your second home. Make sure you acquaint yourself early on as to how to use the library as it will be easier to use when you have to do essays and assignments.


The Courtauld Library is open Monday to Friday 9:30 – 21:00 and Saturday 9:30-5:30pm



However the Courtauld Library houses mainly history of art books and sometimes you will need a book from a different field. When this happens, you should first consult which tells you which libraries have the book and where it is in that library. You can then go to that library and find it there.


Bear in mind that although, as a University of London student, you have access to other university libraries, you may need to register with them. This is worth doing as early on as possible as during dissertation hand in periods they get extremely busy and you may have to wait to enrol. 


Here are some useful libraries:


Senate House Library 

Malet Street, WC1E 7HU


020 7862 8500


Another important university housed in the old Ministry of Information building which inspired the Ministry of truth in George Orwell’s 1984. You will need to register for a card (don’t lose it, it costs £10 to replace) and then you can get access to the labyrinthine corridors and stairs. You may never really find you way round but once you’ve mastered the basics this library will be incredibly useful as it has books on a huge number of subjects and it less intimidating than the Birtish Library.


You can also use their online resources. Accessing websites like JSTOR through Senate House will give you access to articles on other humanities and more general subjects.

British Library

96 Euston Road



0843 208 114


The BL may seem intimidating at first but it will be essential for you when doing in depth research as it houses almost every book imaginable. You will need to register and go for a meeting where the staff will ask what you are studying. Once you have received your pass you will gain access to the reading rooms. When you have you found a seat (difficult during exam and dissertation periods) you can order books. This can take from a few minutes to 48 hours and once they have arrived you can pick them up at the front desk and take them to your table. You cannot actually take books out of the library.


This is a non-messing about workhouse for when you need to get your head down for a few hours.

National Art Library 
RIBA Library

66 Portland Place, W1B 1AD


020 7580 5533


This library is full of resources all about architecture and is invaluable for anyone specializing in that medium. You can show your Courtauld card when you get there and you’ll get in.



Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2R


020 7942 2000


A beautiful reference library available to the public and full of art resources. You will need to register online before your visit. Also check the opening times. You’ll find a variety of Study Rooms which you need to book – for those with special interests these might be worth checking out.


The Women's Library
National Gallery Library 

Trafalgur Square, WC2N 5DN


Just a stone’s throw away from the Courtauld is the National Gallery, home to some of the most amazing paintings, and also a great collection or material and resources. You need to make an appointment to see any of them which you can do online.


The London School of Economics and Political Science, 10 Portugal St, WC2A 2HD


020 7955 7229


Also near to the Courtauld is the Women’s Library, an archive full of books and periodicals about women’s lives and the political, economic and social changes that surround them. You can also search online to seek out the material that you want, and you can also register to be a member there which will make your visit a lot smoother.

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