Upcoming Election! September/October 2020

There's an upcoming election for positions within the SU! 

We are looking for people to fill the following positions: 

Vice Presidents and Officers

  • Vice President for Postgrads

  • BAME officer

  • LGBTQ+ officer

  • Disabled students' officer

Course Reps

  • BA1, BA2, BA3

  • Grad Dip

  • Ma History of Art

  • Ma Curating

  • Ma Easels/Walls Conservation

  • PhD


Any member of the Courtauld Student Union has the right to sit in on meetings and vote in elections.


If you're interested in what we do then you might want to consider running for a position.

If you are running for a position, check out the Election Packs in the links above (marked 'Find out more') for all the information you might need. If you need more advice contact the President at students.union@courtauld.ac.uk



When do elections take place?

Elections for Executive Committee minus the Vice President occur from the end of the Spring Term till the beginning of the Summer term. A handover period occurs during the summer where incoming SU committee members are trained by the outgoing committee.


Elections for Union Parliament and the Vice President occur at the beginning of the Autumn Term and the new committee is generally settled in by mid-October.



Who can run for positions? 

Any member of the student body can nominate themselves during an election cycle.


Some of our positions have to be filled by students who fufill a certain criteria i.e. reps have to be from the year they are representing. But there are many posts that anybody can run for even if you have just joined the Courtauld, 

What positions are available?

A list of all our positions and descriptions as to what they entail (as well as their current holders) can be see here


If you have any questions about what each position might involve feel free to contact the current President. 

What do members of the SU committee do?

The Executive Committee meets weekly to discuss and work on current issues within the student body, any student or member of staff can submit an item to be discussed by emailing students.union@courtauld.ac.uk.


Any member of the Executive Committee can volunteer to run a subcommittee which will meet as a smaller group aside from the main committee to investigate issues in greater depth or action initiatives arising from Executive Committee meetings.



Members of the Executive Committee and Union Parliament meet monthly to discuss the business of the Executive Committee and bring new issues to light, they work collaboratively on events and . 


The whole committee ensures that all members of the Institute have a fulfilling, supported and fun university experience. They are there to listen, advice and act on all concerns affecting the student body.


What are the benefits of being on the SU Committee?

The Students' Union has worked to create a very significant amount of positive change within the Institute. From writing, editing and approving key welfare documents to organising events and revamping the student cafe; the work we do is incredibly varied. As a member of the Executive Committee or Union Parliament, you will have the opportunity to effect this change and cultivate the improvements you want to be made. 


The role of Students' Union President is a full time, paid position which includes all benefits of being a member of staff at The Courtauld. The role is comprised of many interesting challenges, allowing you to gain experience of working with many different departments within the Institute. 


The rest of the committee works on a voluntary basis, the time commitment for Union Parliament members averages roughly 1hr per week, the time commitment for the Executive Committee is roughly 2.5hrs per week. Members of the Executive Committee and Union Parliament are allowed access to the Staff Common Room and receive discounts on Student Union events. 



Contact Us


Our office hours are 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

0203 947 7676


Level 2

Courtauld Institute of Art

Vernon Square

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