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Society Heads

Angela (Xiaoyu) Yang, Shuqi Chen, Celine Wen

Society Heads

The Chinese Art Society '德藝社' is a platform for Courtauld students and other enthusiasts to learn and discuss about art and culture from Greater China. From a multitude of traditional cultural forms to modern and contemporary Chinese art, we aim to bring attention to the rich art and cultural histories of the region. By inviting speakers to deliver talks and hosting panel discussions, film screenings and workshops, the Chinese Art Society aims to foster academic discussions and help build connections between students, academics, and other art professionals in the field.


This year, we will expand our focus to include art practices from more regions of Asia. We are collaborating with galleries that has strong representation of Asian artists or have locations and experiences within the region.

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Our office hours are 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

0203 947 7676

Level 2

Courtauld Institute of Art

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