Pagan Society

The Courtauld Pagan society aims to explore pagan influences on art and see how a neo-pagan perspective can influence the way we study objects. It also hopes to give members of the Courtauld some insight in what it means to be pagan in the 21st century.


This society is open to anyone, irrespective of religious belief. We hope to take the society out of the Courtauld to see some of London’s amazing pagan archaeological sites and undertake gallery tours. Within the Courtauld, we hope to put on workshops, such as tarot card reading lessons or guided meditation sessions, In addition, we plan on inviting guest speakers who can help elucidate the complexities of modern day paganism .

Society Heads

Arden Corbin Woods & Ania Grzybowska

Society Contact Details

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Our office hours are 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday

0203 947 7676

Level 2

Courtauld Institute of Art

Vernon Square

Penton Rise