Academic and Learning Support

On this page you can find all the support systems available at the Courtauld if you are experiencing issues related to your learning as well as links to useful documents.

Academic Support

Student and Academic Services


The Student and Academic Services Centre offers administrative support during your time at the Courtauld. Services include the provision of Student Status letters, Council Tax exemption certificates and letters of introduction to banks, libraries and archives. They are the first point of contact for Student ID cards and can provide replacement cards if lost.


The Student Academic Services centre is where you will hand-in your essays during the course of the academic year and also the collection point for your essay feedback once marked. In addition, they advise and signpost students on academic, learning and welfare support services.

The Student and Academic Services office is open Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5.30pm. You can find it on the mezzanine floor in the east wing opposite the SU office and can be contacted at or on 02078482410.

Personal Tutors


Your personal tutor is a member of the academic faculty who is there to help you resolve any academic, practical or personal difficulties during your time studying at the Courtauld. Your Personal Tutor should be your first port of call if you have any questions or problems whilst you are at the Courtauld and you can contact them through their Institute email address.


Every undergraduate and graduate diploma student also attends set appointments with their tutor but you are free to contact them to set up additional meetings should you require it


For MA students, your special options teacher should be your first port of call for advice. Students who are joining the Courtauld for less than a full programme will be contacted with individual arrangements. If you have not been contacted by your personal tutor by the week prior to your appointment, please contact the SU President.

Royal Literary Fellows


If you are worried about your writing style our two Royal Literary Fellows are available for appointments with all students who wish to discuss their written work.


Their aim is to help the student develop clear, lively and accurate writing. Students often make use of an appointment with a Fellow a few days prior to their submission deadline, in order to give them time to revise their work and consider the advice given. It is advisable to book an appointment once you are aware of your deadline, as they are in high demand. 

Visit the RLF section on the Student Support VLE page here.

Academic Support Tutor


Anjali Thakariya is the Academic Support Tutor at the Courtauld and is in the Institute one day a week. Anjali offers support with study skills, help for those for whom English is a second language, and is there to deal with any other problems you may encounter which are affecting your own work. Your tutor may suggest you come to see Anjali or you can come on your own initiative. If, for any reason, you fall behind with your work, or are having difficulty managing your workload, make an appointment to see Anjali as soon as possible by emailing


Anjali is not involved in any way with the marking of your essays of coursework and your sessions are entirely confidential unless you specifically ask Anjali to work with you and your tutor. You are able to contact her using the details to the right.

Learning Support

Specialist Study Skills Tutor

The Courtauld also has a Specialist Study Skills tutor, Janet Harper who offers 1:1 study skills support to students with study skills recommended in their diagnostic report and/or medical evidence. This includes students with specific learning differences, mental health concerns and autistic spectrum condition.

How can I help? The support offered by the Specialist Study Skills Tutor is student centred, designed around individual academic needs and complies with the social model of disability. Find more about what Specialist Study Skills support can help with:

Understanding: how you approach challenges, how you learn best and how you can succeed

Strategies: techniques to be effective in reading, writing, planning and all other aspects of study

Assistive technology: how you can make the most of technology designed to make you an independent and effective student

Communication: develop the confidence to ask the right questions, stay in touch with people who can help you and respond when you need to

Organisation and planning: learn to organise your time well so you have time for studying, writing and wellbeing


Students can either attend a drop in session or book an appointment at this address:

Examinations and Assessment

Extenuating Circumstances

During the course of your academic career you may find yourself in circumstances that make it difficult for you to meet an assessment deadline or to sit an examination. These are called ‘extenuating circumstances’ and are defined as unexpected, significantly disruptive and beyond your control.

If you feel that you have extenuating circumstances and that these are affecting your performance in assessments you must make sure that you make your circumstances known within the time frames set down in the policy documents that can be found here

You should do this by completing an extenuating circumstances form and submitting it to Student and Academic Services together with the appropriate documentary evidence to support your claim.

Submissions for claims related to examinations will be considered by the Extenuating Circumstances Panel, which normally meets in June. 

If you have any questions about this practice please contact the Records and Assessment team via email.

Other Useful Documents 

Contact Student and Academic Services

020 7848 2410

Contact Anjali Thakariya

0207 848 1639

Contact Janet Harper

Contact Examinations and Assessment Team

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